Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep?

Do you struggle to get a good nights sleep?

CBD is everywhere these days, but with the number of potential benefits it has, we aren't at all surprised!

People take CBD for all sorts of reasons, and it is becoming more and more popular for aiding sleep.

Research has been carried out into whether CBD can improve sleep, and the preliminary results have been impressive with over 50% seeing improvement in their sleep. It was also found to increase sleep duration and help participants fall asleep faster.

Two major factors associated with insomnia are anxiety and stress - both of which are believed to be well managed and improved with CBD, and in turn helping with insomnia.

CBD does not simply put you to sleep, instead it helps create a better environment in your brain in order to relax and get a better quality sleep!

Reduced sleep can lead to all sorts of negative effects on the body.. if you're struggling with sleep then why not give CBD a go? 
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